Want to attract the right clients? Start sharing your "why"


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How do you attract the right leads?

If you're wondering how to get noticed by the RIGHT clients or find quality leads so you can increase your revenue, then todays episodes is for you.

One of our fav books "Start with WHY" -- by Simon Sinek was published in 2009, and Simon Sinek is a key author in the intentional space of coaching.

So if this book has been around since 2009, it might make you wonder if it's relevant to you still today?

Will this work or benefit you?

Getting the right fit clients or find quality leads is absolutely doable, and that's what todays episode is all about. It starts with the things below the surface of your businesss that you might not be untilizing.

Enjoy listening!


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In this episode:

  • Why "your why" really matters and how it can shape and grows your business.
  • Why sharing "your why" with others really matters.
  • Why it's hard to add this consistently into business.
  • What you can start today to bring this to the surface of your business.

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