What would happen if every activity in your business was driving loyal customers?


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What would happen if every activity in your business was driving loyal customers who want to refer other people to you?

So you can get more leads, grow your business, and create a business that is a vessel for generosity.

In today's episode we're sharing why its so critical that you understand how looking at the whole picture is key to developing and fostering a business with that creates long term customers who refer more.

So you can leave a legacy with your work.

So you can scale, and grow your business.

Enjoy listening!


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In this episode:

  • What would it look like for you if every activity you took in your business day after day would drive building loyal customers who referred more?

  • What if the activities you are busy fulfilling on are actually moving you further away from that goal?

  • Why creating our own "silos" for things like sales, marketing, admin, fulfillment, etc goes against fostering loyal customers.

  • How trust should be our number one goal. (trust drives sales, retention, referrals).

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