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We reached 100 episodes! In celebration of the incredible reach that Launch it Girl has had, we took a look at our top 10 most popular episodes and grabbed the biggest takeaways from each. It’s a perfect combination of our incredible guest speakers as well as some solo episodes.

If you’re looking to grow a millionaire mindset, step into your purpose, and create a business that creates massive impact & income (while staying aligned with yourself and your values), this is a perfect remix of inspiration and strategy.

And to celebrate this milestone, we’re giving away a $100 Amazon Gift card to one lucky winner!

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Episode 6: How to Get Known as the Expert in Your Niche Episode 33: Monetizing Your Message & Your Story with Ayelet Shipley Episode 37: Behind the Scenes of my $21k Day Episode 35: Transitioning From Employee to Full-Time Entrepreneur & The Myths About Women’s Pelvic Health with Dr. Chelsea Beyers Episode 30: Speaking to Your Ideal Client Isn’t Good Enough Anymore Episode 43: How To Tap Into Your Intuition To Find Your True Purpose Episode 34: Key Ingredients To Building A Magnetic Brand Episode 20: The Strength of a Woman, Running a 1/2 Marathon and Tapping into Your GIFTS with Marissa Staley Episode 41: The Millionaire Mindset & Investing In Yourself with Heather Quisel-Brown Episode 17: Become a Content Ninja (Without Spending Hours in Creation Mode)


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