8. How To Be Confident in Charging Premium Rates


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"Besh, opportunity knocks once, kaya kahit mababa push na, sayang din ‘to.”

Sounds familiar? Are you the type of freelancer who just accepts whatever rate is there kasi you don’t have the confidence to charge a premium to clients?

Or are you still on that stage of freelancing that you will just grab whatever is in front of you kasi you don’t have any client at all, sya pa lang if ever, but sooner than later will end into too much dakdak and ngawa kasi you are not satisfied with the rate?

Have you heard of the right “service provider/partner mindset”? It isn’t just about the money you will earn but the relationship you will build with your clients (kahit future clients pa yan).

In this episode, Neil Reichl with co-host Corina Obrero talks about the right questions to ask for you to be guided on making the right offers -- offers that make business sense – which you can confidently discuss with your clients even if you’re charging a premium.

In this mind-conditioning and motivating episode, you will:

  • Know and understand the “Authority Circle Freelancer’s Pricing Formula”
  • Understand the Evolution of Freelancers and what comes along with your rates
  • Learn the “warning signs” that your client is dropping you off (“Araykupo, tsugihan session na besh!”)
  • Discover the primary question to ask that will guide you on making offers that make business sense

We hope this episode made you realize the logic behind the confidence of charging a premium to clients and teach you how to make offers on revenue-based results.

Gets mo na ba how to make offers that make business sense? Nasa first part pa lang tayo, may 2 episodes pa that will guide you on making premium offers, check out episodes 9 & 10 of the podcast to find out!

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