Brianne West- Our Environmental Beauty Hangover


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I am publishing this podcast on my 50th Birthday! Why? Because I love this planet, I love innovators and I love people who fight to make this world a better place for those who don't have a voice.

Brianne West, Founder and CEO of Ethique, is a heavy-weight, world-class, environmental warrior; forcing the consumer goods industry to either significantly improve their business practices around product waste and toxicity or become a cautionary tale as the next generation finds cures to their established environmental hangover.

Let me tell you about Ethique! Ethique is revolutionising the cosmetics industry by removing the excess water used in the packaging and creating beauty bars that are cruelty free, palm oil free, do not cause harm to your body, sustainably produced and biodegradable!

Thus, they are:

  1. 100% Plastic Free
  2. Carbon Neutral
  3. Shipped Plastic Free
  4. Plant a tree for every online order
  5. Donate 20% of profits to charity

In this episode, Brianne gives us a bit of background on her Ethique journey, insight into her crowdfunding experiences and how many of her early investors now have the ability to pay off the mortgages on their homes and gives us insight into the tricky world of sustainable innovation. 75% of Ethique's investors were female!!!!

She is straightforward and a realist. She recognises that being overly idealistic excludes too many options for incremental improvements.

Brianne has a passion for animals, the oceans and our planet. She is a true leader and change maker. The next generation of young sustainably driven scientists will haver her as a model and we will all be the better for it!

As a consumer, you will both LOVE her products as well as feel all warm and gooey inside because you have bought a product that does NOT contribute to our environmental hangover and they are awesome cosmetics! I finally got my hands on two shampoo bars, one conditioner and one face conditioner! I am in LOVE! They do NOT strip my thin, 50 year old hair:) They lather beautifully!



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