Dr. Elizabeth Yurth- The Fountain of Cellular Youth


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In this first episode with Dr. Elizabeth Yurth, who is double board certified in physical medicine & rehabilitation and Anti-aging/regenerative medicine, gives the Shot Caller listeners a masterclass in how we do NOT need to accept aging gracefully.

Dr. Yurth started her career as an orthopaedic doctor and was an early adopter of functional medicine. In 2006, Dr. Yurth embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by co-founding the Boulder Longevity Institute. She is renowned for her “patient first mentality” and commitment to “empowering the patient’s role in their health.”

Dr. Yurth was selected as one of the 25 mastermind physician fellows in SSRP (Seeds Scientific Research and Performance) which allows her to stay abreast and teach others in the emerging field of cellular medicine. Dr. Yurth has consulted for numerous sports teams including the San Francisco 49ers and the Stanford University women's basketball and soccer teams.

In episode 1, Dr. Yurth encapsulates the topic of increasing longevity into bite size and digestible-pun intended- information.

You will walk away with an understanding of “what to fix first” and avoid decision “paralysis” that many of us face when standing in front of what may seem like a huge undertaking. She explains the evolution of medicine: from Traditional medicine, to functional medicine to now cellular medicine. She explains zombie cells, autophagy, oxidative stress, why progesterone is so important-especially for women and how the traditional birth control pill may be causing us much more hormonal stress than we realize.

I have the extra pleasure of having my daughter Sophia join us in this podcast as she is about to become a pre-med student in Switzerland. She is also fascinated with bio-medicine.

In Episode 2, we do a deeper dive into the world of peptides.


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