Evelyne Pflugi; Exponential Investing via the Singularity Fund


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Evelyne Pflugi is CEO and Co-Founder of the Singularily Group in Zürich, Switzerland. Evelyn has deep experience in asset management, entrepreneurship, sustainability and technology. Her and her co-founder Tobias Reichmuth wanted to establish a fund that avoided certain pitfalls with investing in technology companies but still give investors significant upside in their portfolios. They felt there was an opportunity to invest in established companies that were using "applied innovation" to create REAL return value.

Thus, their idea was born: to make exponential innovation investible across industries comprising a range of the most promising equities from traditional to unicorn. Founded in Switzerland to conquer the Singularity Universe, we have reshaped the world of innovation investments since 2017.

This is a special treat as we get to hear how Evelyne's career progressed and the inspiration behind taking the entreprenuerial plunge. However, Evelyne also runs us through some of their top stock positions in the 12 most exponential categories their fund is investing in. We hear about which companies are at the leading edge of AI, materials science, neuroscience, big data, bioinformatics, robotics, space, 3D printing and more!

In this one episode you will hear how they apply their "rules based formula" and where they see the biggest investment trends.

Their Singularity Fund is actually open to retail investors and has ZERO minimum. As usual, please always consult a financial professional before investing in ANY stock or fund.

Enjoy this insightful episode.


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