The Importance of Breast Cancer Advocacy: Special Guest Ann Fonfa: Annie Appleseed Project.


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The Importance of Breast Cancer Advocacy: Special Guest Ann Fonfa: Annie Appleseed Project. What are the challenges of Breast Cancer Advocacy? Why are breast cancer advocates so important? Tips for cancer survivors on how to follow a path to wellness!
Ann Fonfa was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 1993. She was suffering from extreme Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, a still not recognized illness. She avoided chemotherapy, hormonal and radiation treatments using surgery and natural strategies to survive.
Told she was stage IV in 1997, Ann added personalized Chinese herbal prescriptions to her complex complementary protocol. In 1999 she founded Annie Appleseed Project, an all-volunteer cancer nonprofit sharing evidence-based information on complementary therapies (Integrative Oncology).
Ann has spoken at many conferences and events, been interviewed and presented posters. Her work continues to educate and inform the community of people with cancer as well as all in oncology. The Annie Appleseed Project has presented a lot of information on males with breast cancer and on the LGBT community. The website had an International section as well.
Ann serves on the board of directors for the National Breast Cancer Coalition and has been an active grant reviewer for journals and the Dept of Defense, for which she recruits other cancer survivors.
She is well-known for moving awareness forward. Ann spoke at events around the world and is very proud of her work.
She doesn’t take personal credit for the interest around Integrative oncology but she was the charter Advocate member of the Society for Integrative Oncology. It’s time is NOW.
Today many in oncology acknowledge the need and value for exercise, nutritional changes, handling stress and more.
An amazing lady!

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