Chirrut's Prison Paradigm - Student Loans, ICE Detention


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It's the end of Black History Month, but as Saw Gerrera reminds us, "we have a long ride ahead of us." This week we focus on Chirrut and his quote to Capt. Andor that, "There is more than one kind of prison, Captain” and explore the ways society financially, and literally, imprisons people. We also found a probe droid our parlimentarian let us keep. Neat!

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Show Notes:

Ky-e Bricks Imperial Support Ships

Stealth Corvette

Republic Commando Port

Bad Batch on May 4th!

Credit Rates For Student Loans

US Sued Navient

Florida's Not So Bright Futures

Colleges Invest For What They Want To Attract

Re-Opening Cages For Kids

COVID & ICE In Colorado

Berks County "Residential" Center Shut Down Campaign

Deportations Under Biden

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