147 Subscription Business Model: Build Greater Wealth in Your CPA Firm with Ron Baker


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Subscription pricing is all the rage right now.

Most CPAs are stuck when it comes to pricing - some have moved to flat-rate or subscription pricing, but many - if not most - still bill by the hour.

What they often struggle to understand is the full depth of the value they offer to their clients, and because they don’t fully understand value, they are leaving Everest Sized Mountains of Money on the table, which means they have to work a lot harder to compensate for the missed opportunity.

Here today to talk with me about this problem is my guest, Ron Baker.

Ron Baker is the author of numerous books including Implementing value pricing, and Mind over Matter, why intellectual capital is the chief source of wealth, he has received countless awards for his contributions to the accounting profession, and he is the founder of the VeraSage Institute, a think tank dedicated to teaching value pricing.


The subscription business model puts the client relationship at the center of the business and Customer Lifetime Value at the center of the dashboard.

Innovation is baked into the model.

You’re taking responsibility for creating a result, not delivering tasks.

The subscription model forces you to articulate and communicate and market and position and have a strategy built around that end purpose.

if you're interested in building wealth beyond the transactional math of the moment, then you've got to consider subscription.

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Website: https://www.verasage.com/

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