148 5 Productivity Apps to Save You Hours


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Here are 5 apps, extensions, and plugins that can make your life easier.

  1. Text Expander - Available on Android and Mac - I use it on my iPhone but for short things I just use the built in keyboard shortcuts, especially for all the forms that need filling in. Other options: aText and Gorgias, which is a Chrome extension
  2. Video Speed Controller - Speed up, slowdown, skip ahead, and rewind, all with keyboard shortcuts.
  3. Screen Resizer - stop being a masterful mouser, and use a Screen Resizer to make your screens snap to specific guidelines. Try MaxSnap, Divvy, SizeUp
  4. Email Tracker - Streak or Hunter
  5. Screen Recorder - Loom - For screen recording or any window, tab, or screen. Send the URL of your video with a URL.

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