149 How to Leverage Accounting Automation with Ryan Lazanis


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There is endless conversation about technology, software, and automation disrupting the accounting space.

Do you feel like your systems are pretty much automated, where you can just show up and mouse click one button, and it spits out all the reports and dashboards you need for your hundreds of clients?

If that sounds like the dream, but you’re a ways off, stay with us, because today I am talking with Ryan Lazanis, founder of FUTURE FIRM, and we are talking about what to do right when it comes to tech and automation.

Ryan founded Zen Accounting that he grew to the point of being acquired in just 5 short years, thanks to the tech-oriented, scalable model he put in place.


– “The overemphasis on using technology and automation is not what's really going to move the needle the most.”

– “The big reason why people want to use more technology and more automation is because they just want to make their life easier.”

– “Once we can have standard processes for everything that we do in the firm, that's when we can really reap the rewards of technology and automation.”

– “I would recommend a person in your firm when you're ready to really leverage automation. Especially those modern firms that probably know about all those latest tools, they need a person to help put it all together.”

– “Why not have all the routine tasks automated so that you can get freed up to do more of what's valuable to your clients?”

Connect with Ryan Lazanis:

Website: https://futurefirm.co/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanlazanis/

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Zapier - https://zapier.com/

Karbon - https://karbonhq.com/

Teamwork - https://www.teamwork.com/

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