Karina Manashil - President of Mad Solar - Creative Confidante for Kid Cudi - Exec. Producer of “Entergalactic”


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Karina Manashil is the President of Mad Solar Productions. She began her career in the mailroom at WME (William Morris Endeavor) where she became a talent agent. She represented notable clients including Scott Mescudi, known by his stage name, Kid Cudi, and built her career taking talent into new arenas.

In 2020, she partnered with Mescudi and Dennis Cummings to launch Mad Solar, which is backed by BRON Studios. Manashil then went on to Executive Produce SXSW fan-favorite X and its sequel, Pearl, directed by Ti West. Manashil is an Executive Producer on the Netflix animated series Entergalactic directed by Fletcher Moules. Entergalactic was created by Kid Cudi and features voiceover from Jessica Williams and Timothée Chalamet. It was released alongside its album of the same name from Kid Cudi on September 30th.

Manashil is a native of Los Angeles and graduated from Chapman University with a BFA in Film Production.

"So I'm Iraqi-Iranian-Jewish. So I remember growing up where the movie that felt most reflective of our family was My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which, it's Greek. They're not the same, but it was so close, talking about the lamb, and we have Nick, Nick, Nick, Nikki, and in my family, Shuly, Shuly, Shuly, Sol, and there was just... It felt like, Oh my God, this feels like my family seeing that. And the second thing like that was seeing Ramy Youssef, who's Egyptian, New York. I'm Iraqi, L.A. Jewish.

He's Muslim. It's not a like for like, but there was so much. I was like, that feels like us. So I feel my guidance would be, go for it! Because I feel like I've had these moments within the business, but seeing Ramy, it felt like content is renewed. All of a sudden, there's a whole new world that's open simply because he was willing to tell his story. And I would love to see a million more opportunities of that. And I would love to be involved in fostering opportunities like that. And I found it to be so inspiring to see content like that. So that, and maybe it's simplistic just to say, Yes, go all in. But my pride would be, and my appreciation would be, to see more opportunities for creators that move me in the same way that those two experiences felt reflective of who I am.”

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