Stemma: Understanding Big Data with Mark Grover


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Amundsen was started at Lyft and is the leading open-source data catalog with the fastest-growing community and the most integrations. Amundsen enables you to search your entire organization by text search, see automated and curated metadata, share context with co workers, and learn from others by seeing most common queries on a table or frequently used data.

Powered by Amundsen, the company Stemma is a fully managed data catalog that bridges the gap between data producers and data consumers. Stemma adds features to Amundsen like showing meaningful data to individual users, adding metadata to data automatically, and documenting data on the fly. Stemma integrates with all the major data sources like Snowflake, Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Apache Airflow.

In this episode we talk to Mark Grover, Founder at Stemma. Mark co-created Amundsen and authored the book Hadoop Application Architectures. He was an engineer at Cloudera before joining Lyft as a Product Manager.

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