The Unique ERC (feat. Randall J. Crabtree, CPA)


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Season 03 Episode 02 | Recorded February 21, 2022

Guest: Randall J. Crabtree, CPA (as per his CPA Certificate, but we're still not sure if "Jack" is spelled out, or if they just have the J)

Hosts: Scott Scarano and Jason Ackerman, CPA, CFP, CGMA

With us today is the Co-Founder and Partner of Tri-Merit, Randy Crabtree, who specializes in R&D Tax Credits, Cost Segregation, 179D, and 45LR. Also, host at The Unique CPA, a show where they go beyond compliance into forging new pathways of delivering value to clients, diversifying your revenue streams, and leading-edge management techniques and styles

Today we get to hear about how going into niches and specialties make your firm better, or does it? Find out more as you listen and you’ll surely pick up a thing or two on how to best play on your strengths whether it’s on your personality or your skills.

2 Riches in R&D Niches: Randy shares how they started going deep into the niches they specialize in

Shoutout to Andrew Lane

5 Don’t try to make yourself something you’re not

6 Ti-Merit’s transition from percentage-fees to fixed-fees but value-based

8 Holy cow! There's a big opportunity for taxpayers to save money with this, or put money back into businesses

10 Did you tweet your Waze drives? Cause Scott did, unintentionally... yikes!

Shoutout to Waze, Twitter

11 #TaxTwitter

13 Having too much fun to realize if you’re working too much or too little

16 I wouldn't be surprised when $17MM is $35MM in just a couple of years

Shoutout to Nicholas Pantaleo, CPA

19 Back at it again to the numbers game with Randy

20 Does your wife call you Randall? Do your parents call you Randall?

22 Randy on selling R&D study and Cost Seg: I never sell anything so I don't have a pitch. What I do is educate

23 Going deep into the R&D tax credit

30 Randy’s path into living the best life

Shoutout to John Garret, Earmark

36 The Unique CPA podcast: How it started

39 Oh how the tables have turned: Jason on the numbers game this time!

40 Jumping from the generalist to the specialist

44 Randy’s best piece of advice? Don’t force a square peg into a round hole

Shoutout to Joshua Lance, CPA, CGMA

46 Token Tax *wink wink*

49 Reaching for the stars

Shoutout to Ron Baker

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