Neeta Sreekanth – Sports Media Maven and her incredible journey working at the Dallas Cowboys, ESPN, IGN, and INFLCR


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Neeta Sreekanth is a Sports Media Maven and has worked at some of the most iconic sports and media companies like the Dallas Cowboys, ESPN, IGN, and INFLCR. Neeta got her start in the digital and social media world at the Dallas Cowboys. She then transitioned to ESPN working in their social media department as an associate producer and social media manager for a little over 4 years. There, she helped ESPN maintain a ​#1 ​ranking in sports social media engagement during her entire tenure.

Her experiences in social media brought her to IGN Entertainment as the Director of Social Content and Strategy. During her time at IGN, Neeta transformed them into a global leader in social media engagement with focus on video games, entertainment and pop culture, oversaw relationships with social platforms, spearheaded content partnerships with the company, and drove social content strategy around key events such as E3, San Diego Comic-Con, New York Comic Con and SXSW

Neeta was hired in a newly created role of Chief Operating Officer at INFLCR in October 2019. She currently oversees the company’s marketing, partnerships, emerging strategy, product innovation and athlete network teams while building INFLCR’s brand as the leading social media content delivery platform for sports.

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • How Neeta spearheaded some of biggest social moments for the Dallas Cowboys #FinishTheFight early in her career
  • How asking the right questions is so critical for capturing the right content (She shares a great story with Tom Holland and Spiderman)
  • Where Neeta thinks social media is headed and how it’s so important to entertain your audience

Neeta is a social media trailblazer and her stories are just killer. So without further ado, please enjoy my in-depth interview with Neeta Sreekanth.

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