Wardah Khalid – Policy analyst, activist, and speaker on U.S. foreign policy and her role in strengthening Muslim-American engagement with Congress


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Wardah Khalid is a policy analyst, activist, and speaker on U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East, refugees/immigration, and Islam in America. She currently works on Capitol Hill as an APAICS Congressional Fellow and is the Founder and President of Poligon Education Fund, a national civic education and advocacy organization dedicated to strengthening Muslim American engagement with Congress.

Wardah has significant experience advocating on refugee and immigration policies with faith based NGOs and advising members of Congress, the White House, and State Department on the Iran nuclear negotiations and human rights issues pertaining to the Syrian and Israel/Palestine conflicts.

Her UN efforts include consulting for UN CTED on lone wolf terrorism, field work with UNRWA in Jordan, and working with UNDP and the Permanent Mission of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation in New York. Wardah is a Security Fellow with the Truman National Security Project, American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute (AMCLI) Fellow at the USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture, and former Scoville Fellow.

Wardah was recognized by ABC’s Nightline as one of the country’s top millennial activists. Her writing and commentary has been featured in outlets including the Washington Post, CNN, The Guardian, NPR, US News & World Report, Al Jazeera America, and Haaretz. She previously authored the “Young American Muslim” blog for the Houston Chronicle and hosted the show “Reality Check” on One Legacy Radio.

Wardah holds a Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. Additionally, Wardah is a CPA and received a BBA and MS in Accounting from Texas A&M University.

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • How Wardah changed careers from accounting to International Affairs and never looked back!
  • What it’s like to speak to a member of Congress and the process behind it!
  • Wardah’s involvement in the Iran Nuclear Deal and being part of history!

Really enjoyed this conversation – it made me evaluate my civic duty and how much I don’t know about my state and local representatives! Without further ado, please enjoy my conversation with Wardah Khalid.

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