118. Forecasting and Innovation, with Tom Sine and Dwight Friesen, co-authors of 2020s Foresight


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Dwight Friesen and Tom Sine coach and consult with churches in the area of foresight and innovation. They are alo co-authors of 2020s Foresight: Three Vital Practices for Thriving in a Decade of Accelerating Change.
There’s no denying that the world just keeps changing and it feels like the church is constantly playing catch-up.
But here’s the thing. We can’t keep playing catch up. We have to start asking not, “How do we need to change to be the church for today?” But, “How do we need to change to be the church for tomorrow?”
In this episode, I’m speaking with Tom Sine and Dwight Friesen about their book, 2020s Foresight. We talk about the importance of anticipating the future, engaging our “shalomic imagination,” and how to practically begin the work of forecasting.

  • Tom Sine is a consultant with churches in the area of foresight and innovation and the co-author of 2020s Foresight.
  • Dwight Friesen is the Associate Professor of Practical Theology at the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology and co-author of 2020s Foresight.
  • Tom Sine studied under Frank Herbert, the author of Dune, who eventually became a friend and mentor to Tom.
  • Most churches’ strategic planning is very inward focused, failing to attend to what is going on in the world around them.
  • The 3-part framework of probability forecasting includes anticipating, reflecting, and innovating.
  • Whenever there is a crisis, we need to ask what we are being invited to anticipate.
  • Pastors can start the work of forecasting by intentionally learning from business leaders in their congregations.
  • People in churches don’t generally fear change; they fear loss.
  • Dwight explains what he means by “shalomic imagination.”
  • Tom Sine and Dwight Friesen explain how a pastor can, very practically, begin to engage in the work of forecasting.
  • Tom Sine is available to meet with study groups via Zoom to discuss 2020s Foresight. Simply e-mail him at twsine@gmail.com.


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