129. Recalibrating the Church Around Jesus, with Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch, authors of ReJesus


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Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch are the authors of ReJesus: Remaking the Church in our Founder’s Image.
In a world in which the church has in many ways lost, not only the image of Jesus, but also the centrality of Jesus, how do we once again become the church we were meant to be? The church that the world needs us to be?
In this episode, Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch discuss how we can recalibrate the church with Jesus at the center.

  • Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch are the authors of ReJesus: Remaking the Church in our Founder’s Image.
  • Michael Frost is the Director of the Tinsley Institute at Morling College and Alan Hirsch leads the Movement Leaders Collective.
  • The last five years have shown that the church needs a recalibration around the person of Jesus.
  • In some places the word “evangelical” has become a bad word.
  • Alan Hirsch is surprised and disappointed at the direction the evangelical church has taken over the last 5-10 years.
  • Michael Frost says the word “gospel” has been reduced to a particular atonement theory. But when Jesus used the word, he was talking about the Kingdom of God.
  • Much of the church’s unhealth has been unveiled in recent years.
  • Alan Hirsch suggests that the gospel has been depersonalized into a doctrine. We need to see the face of Jesus once again in the gospel.
  • The church has recalibrated itself numerous times throughout history.
  • Discipleship is crucial to being the church we’re called to be.
  • Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch both answer the question: What is the church’s mission?
  • Many in our churches seem unable to recognize the voice of Jesus—even when read from the scriptures.
  • Being the church we are called to be requires three things:
    • Orthodoxy – not just right beliefs, but truly taking the scriptures into our hearts and souls
    • Orthopathy – a right heart, right feelings, love and allegiance toward Jesus
    • Orthopraxy – right action
  • Alan Hirsch says we can’t go wrong if we become more like Jesus.


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