Bob Baffert vs. the Derby, the Queen of Cheer, Goodbye to the Shift


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The Kentucky Derby is this weekend, but one of the sport’s most notable—and notorious—figures won’t be there. Bob Baffert has had more than 30 of his horses fail drug tests and was subsequently banned from Churchill Downs for two years due to doping allegations. Sports Illustrated senior writer Pat Forde joins us to discuss the controversial horse trainer.

Pat Forde on

The Netflix show Cheer took viewers inside the world of competitive cheerleading and made stars out of its athletes and coaches. Our producer Jess Yarmosky sits down with the Queen of Cheer, Monica Aldama, to discuss winning her latest national championship and the sport’s explosion in popularity.

Cheer on Netflix | Cheer Tour | 2022 Navarro College winning routine

MLB teams are using the shift more than ever. SI staffer Emma Baccellieri explains why that is, why the shift is so effective—and why baseball is changing the rules next season.

The Last Hurrah of Infield Shifts

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