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What have the last few seasons of Dallas Stars hockey taught us? That speedy puck movers are the wave of the future (provided your team hasn’t decided to play throwback puck)? That right-handed defenders must be protected at all costs (until they aren’t)? That there’s never really a logjam in goal?...

Derek Neumeier, head Western scout with FC Hockey and longtime Friend o’ DBD, joined Wes and Mark to talk about it. In this jam-packed episode:

  • Wyatt Johnston’s incredible OHL season – and why he could earn an NHL roster spot out of training camp,
  • Riley Tufte’s possible role on the roster,
  • Ty Dellandrea’s progress and potential,
  • Logan Stankoven, future fan favorite,
  • Antonio Stranges, and what we can learn about prospect development by following him closely,
  • Artem Grushnikov, and what makes him a modern-day shutdown defenseman,
  • the incredible shrinking blueline prospect pool,
  • the question marks about depth in goal,
  • the impact of the flat cap on the future lineup,
  • the Stars’ draft capital, and how they can use it,
  • and how all of this affects the Texas Stars.

...What, with a Top Gun movie in theaters right now, you think we wouldn’t talk about a kid named Mavrik? But wait, there’s more – because this is Stargazing.

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