Midlife Crisis


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The Dallas Stars won a game! In Buffalo! Why does that somehow still feel dull and uncomfortable?

The thing with Dallas is, it’s never just one game. Wes, Taylor, Trent and Mark got together after the previous disaster at home to discuss the Stars’ organizational identity crisis. In this episode:

  • What’s the alternative to just giving up and wallowing in a bad stretch of hockey? Pulling out the popcorn and hoping for maximum chaos?
  • How far into the Stars organization has the malaise settled?
  • How long can the mismatch between system and personnel continue?
  • Does the postgame coach-speak make it worse?
  • Why does this team react to adversity by turtling, even when it’s counterproductive?
  • What are the moves the organization needs to make, rather than the one they’re talking themselves into making...?
  • And is there still time to turn it around? (No, really?)

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