Rebuild Or Reload?


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The Dallas Stars went home way too early from the 2022 Stanley Cup playoffs, and now they’re cleaning house. With most of the coaching staff now clearing out their lockers, what’s next for the Victory Green Gang?

Wes, Taylor and Mark read the litmus test of the Rick Bowness era, as well as the tea leaves for the next bench crew. In this episode:

  • How surprised should we be?
  • Where will the Stars look for the next sheriff in town?
  • What are the odds that a European coach gets a shot at rebooting the Stars’ young roster?
  • Or is an NHL long-timer like Barry Trotz a better choice for getting the veterans going?
  • Will Texas Stars up-and-comer Neil Graham make the cut?
  • And what will any new head coach have to do once they get here?

All this, plus the eternal debate over how the NHL develops new talent, are yours in the new Stargazing – where it’s always a good time to be a Stars fan.

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