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New coach, new lineup, new prospects...the Dallas Stars are, in many ways, a team at the crossroads. What kind of deals will they have to make to stay relevant and still keep their fanbase happy?

Mike Piellucci and David Castillo, who are helping D Magazine put down stakes as a Dallas sportswriting destination, joined Wes and Mark earlier this week. For well over an hour, they talked about writing to bring fans in without dumbing things down, and how some of those lessons can apply to the Stars as well. In this episode:

  • How do you get casual fans excited about a sport as data-driven as hockey?
  • What terrifies the Stars’ leadership group more than being terrible?
  • How does their business plan hold up when they’re also competing not to be the “fourth team” in a sports-mad market?
  • Why haven’t they made their most exciting players a bigger part of their product, both on the ice and off? (Because let’s face it, the Roope Hintz-Mike Modano comparisons practically make themselves.)
  • What can the Toronto Maple Leafs teach us about what is and isn’t possible?
  • What does the Tanking Era demonstrate about what the Stars are trying to do?
  • And how did “consistently inconsistent” become this team’s brand from top to bottom?

All this, plus a long look at the new bench boss, are yours in this week’s Stargazing. (The salty language is a gift with purchase.)

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