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It’s mid-June already, and it may be safe to say that the Dallas Stars’ search for a new head coach is going to be longer and more comprehensive than rumor would lead us to believe. But what can we expect from the successful candidate...and how might the Stars’ definition of “successful candidate” differ from what you expect?

Can the Stars find a bench boss who can integrate their veteran talent with the emerging potential of a new, young core? Or will Jason Robertson and Roope Hintz suffer the same fate as prime Jamie Benn? Taylor and Mark discuss all this and more:

  • What’s going on with the coaching hire?
  • How much of that decision is up to Jim Nill?
  • How much of what we’re hearing is probably being leaked by agents?
  • Will the new guy fit with both the Stars’ existing roster and their hottest up-and-comers?
  • Can they finally sync up with the future direction of the league while they’re at it?
  • What will the new regime mean for how the Stars approach the 2022 NHL Draft?
  • And how do they compete with all the other teams who are looking for fresh blood behind the bench?

All this, plus the best reason for Jason Robertson to sign a bridge deal this offseason, await you in Stargazing. Buckle up...the summer is about to get more exciting.

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