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You ask how we know about Dallas Stars hockey? Well, we spent a week there one day.

Wes, Taylor and Mark reflect on the month’s worth of news the Victory Green Gang made in the past 96 hours or so. In this must-listen edition:

  • Are the Stars the most dramatic team in the NHL, or is it just that the drama tends to be concentrated in big clumps?
  • Was it a good idea to give Ben Bishop one last shot at a return from injury?
  • Was Anton Khudobin’s contract extension absolutely necessary?
  • What can we expect now that the Jake Oettinger - Braden Holtby Era is officially upon us?
  • What’s happening to the league now that the Omicron variant has given COVID-19 its big comeback – and is a temporary shutdown inevitable?
  • What does that have to do with the unspecified non-COVID illness that’s lingering in the Stars’ dressing room and refusing to leave?
  • What do they need to do to play through misfortune and still keep their identity? (IMPORTANT: Not the identity where they can’t score. They can lose that one.)
  • And what about the Winter Olympics? (No, seriously, what about them?)

What are your favorite Bish memories? Share and enjoy in the comments. (Eat at Stargazing.)

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