84. Renee Segal: Relationship Therapist, Sex Drive is Fake, & When to Leave a Cheater


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Did you know that 90% of females end marriages? Do know when to work with or LEAVE that cheater? How about the FAKE behind Sex Drive?

Renee Segal, a relationship expert and wife of 36 years, dives right in to the deets. Don't worry singles - she's got loads for you too. Like, why there can be a struggle getting back into the dating game after a relationship. Syd & Soph let you into their relationship as Renee offers advice on their current boyf struggles - candidly vulnerable.

Soph has a dream turn into a scam & Syd reflects on a hurricane of fresh air - Don't get it? Guess you'll have to listen to figure it out :) Maybe you've dated a momma's boy or she's giving you flags for not caring: bottom line, THIS is one of our best episodes to date.

Get connected with Renee at evolvetherapymn.com or on her instagram @evolvetherapy!

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