Deshaun Watson Rumors Heating Up + Professional sports bettor Rufus Peabody


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On today's episode, Jason kicks things off with a quick thought on Jay Glazer's suggestion that the Miami Dolphins could be in on Deshaun Watson in a potential trade. That's not to say that any trade is imminent, but we all know that Glazer doesn't just float stuff out there without having inside information to back it up. Keep an eye out on this one. Later, professional sports bettor and podcast host Rufus Peabody swings by to explain how he got into sports wagering, why he take a purely analytical approach to gambling, why he's been banned from betting at certain shops, why he uses Massey-Peabody simulation software to help determine which NFL games and teams have the best value on any given week, why he thinks there's more value on the Las Vegas Raiders' futures right now than the Kansas City Chiefs', what makes the NFL tougher to win gambling on than some other sports, why he prefers not to target the 'lowest common denominator' gamblers, why he doesn't believe in selling picks, and much more! Finally, Jason closes the show with a special Thursday Night Football Jaguars-Bengals edition of the Best Bet.

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