Former NFL QB Shaun King on the Sports Wagering Explosion, Jon Gruden, Rookie Quarterbacks & More!


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On today's episode, former NFL quarterback and VSiN radio host Shaun King swings by for a lengthy conversation in which he explains to Jason why sports wagering is exploding across the country, how sports wagering could bring in casual fans the same way fantasy football did, why he's still optimistic about Jon Gruden and the Las Vegas Raiders... assuming Derek Carr can elevate his game, why he believes the New York Jets will come to regret taking Zach Wilson with the 2nd pick in the NFL Draft, why the Houston Texans should be viewed as the 'Donkey of the Decade' for their complete and utter mismangement of the Deshaun Watson situation, why Jameis Winston being forced to ride the bench last season was probably the best thing that could've happened to him, why Matt Nagy might prefer to keep Justin Fields on the bench to start the year, why he views the Tennessee Titans and Cleveland Browns as high-value bets to make the Super Bowl, and much more!

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