Professional sports bettor TA on NFL Week 1, NFL Futures & More!


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On today's episode, professional sports bettor TA swings by for an extending conversation in which he discusses the importance of being 'contrarian' when to sports wagering, why you should always keeps tabs on the injury report and a team's depth chart before firing on any games, why the Miami Dolphins are the most intriguing team to him heading into the upcoming season, why he's not very confident that Carson Wentz will suddenly be able to recapture the magic he had under Frank Reich a few years back, why he felt compelled to take some Denver Broncos futures very early in the offseason, why EPA is such an importance stat to know these days, why Sam Darnold and the Carolina Panthers could surprise some people this season, which NFL week 1 games he's looking to fire on - including Cowboys vs. Bucs and Steelers vs Bills & much more!

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