The Injury Bug Hits NFL QBs + Former NFL GM and VSiN host Michael Lombardi


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On today's episode, Jason kicks things off with a quick thought on some of the key injuries facing several NFL quarterbacks, including Andy Dalton, Tua Tagovailoa, Ben Roethlisberger and Derek Carr. It's really hard to bet a side on any of these games when the backups are unproven (Dalton & Tua), much less when we still don't know whether or not these guys will play (Ben & Carr). Later, former NFL general manager and VSiN host Michael Lombardi swings by to discuss how he came to work in the sports gambling space even though he doesn’t actually gamble, why the Houston Texans are a better team than most people give them credit for, why he expects the tough Denver Broncos defense to give the New York Jets offense a hard time, why he believes Tua Tagovailoa may be the worst quarterback in the AFC East, why Mac Jones is the best rookie quarterback in the NFL who only fell in the Draft because he doesn't really look the part, why he'd have a hard time trading for Deshaun Watson right now if he ran a team, why the Jimmy G-Trey Lance situation in San Francisco could be a win-win for the 49ers, and much more! Finally, Jason closes the show with a very special Thursday Night Football edition of the Best Bet.

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