Lilly White a Mother's Journey and more


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Lilly White is a five time Author, Host to AAA (Angels, Archetypes, Astrology) workshops . She is a certified Archetype Consultant, Angel Therapist, Reiki Master, Certified Medium, Mentor, Grandma and Soul Companion., based in Almonte, Ontario.

Lilly has opened events for Caroline Myss, John Holland ,Mona Lisa Shultz , Andrew Harvey and others. She is presently studying with Dr Norm Shealy as a Medical Intuitive.

Her work has taken many on their own transformative spiritual journeys to Bali. These journeys are based on an individual’s unique experiences, attributes, and motivations. Personal transformation is about reclaiming our lives in ways that bring renewed meaning, energy and happiness to ourselves and others. We find what we are called to do, and how to access our inner fire and joy. Concurrently, aspects of ourselves and our lifestyle that no longer serve us are discarded. As we tap into our real selves - living our deepest values and ideals - we become connected with all of life.

In May of 2012, tragedy struck the very fabric of Lilly's family with the death of their 37-year-old daughter, Melanie. That same week, Lilly's mother was diagnosed with stage four cancer and transitioned in October of 2013. In between those dates, her father had a stroke. At this time, Lilly had a business, The White Lilly clothing boutique, but it was clear that spirit was directing her elsewhere. It was time to close her store and move on.

Lilly is a member of a 12 step group and friend of Bill W and Dr Bob. If you ever need to reach out , she is available 24/7. You are enough , you matter.

May you have FAIRY DUST at your feet, LAUGHTER in your belly and JOY in your Heart.

~ Lilly White

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