Réal Andrews shares his Champion Story


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Emmy winning Actor, Author, Speaker & Transformational Coach

After completing the Hawaii Ironman on two occasions, Réal found he had a passion for physical training. Creating Champions, through sharing his experiences, workout secrets and developing strategies to help every person he encounters succeed in achieving wellness within the mind, body and spirit.

Specializing in a variety of fitness and exercise focuses, Réal has created quality programming for individuals and groups with the goals of increasing self-esteem, transforming physical fitness and changing lives in a way that no other fitness professional has been able to accomplish.

Réal says "At the heart of it all, I dedicate the most time, energy and the whole of my heart to my family and carve out special time for each of my children. I live by the motto, “They will become who you are” in everything I do.

I realize that the future lies with what we teach our children and how they view their role models in this world, so I also donate time to working with local non-profit organizations whenever possible."

Réal thrives on taking his message and formula for whole health on the road. Through speaking engagements and motivational experiences, he shares his whole health wisdom and knowledge with the world!

Along with spreading the word across the country, Réal has started writing a book detailing the story of his life and the choices that led him to where he is today: a Champion for health and a hopeful guide of those who seek whole health and wellness.

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