Rex Steven Sikes A Story of Transformation


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My guest on this episode is Rex Steven Sikes, First let me say, Rex has a wealth of knowledge and a wonderful giving heart. Rex is an actor, director and acting coach, He is a licensed and certified B.A.N.K.Code Trainer, a Master Trainer of NLP/DHE, and a Master Hypnotherapist and Hypnotist. Rex founded IDEA Seminars, and is creator of Mind Design™, the Attitude Activator™, and Directed Questions™. Rex is a thought leader, He's dedicated four decades to helping countless thousands of people globally transform their minds and lives. His book "LIFE ON YOUR TERMS: Live The Life You Want" Teaches you to stop losing out and start winning. Those are only part of Rex’s endeavours..

Rex is joining me on this podcast because, he too, is a suicide survivor. And this is his story of transformation

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