737: Mary Hyatt Tells How to Restore that Flicker in Your Eyes and Live Intuitively


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In this episode of Support is Sexy, learn about Mary Hyatt’s Five Stages for Intuitive Living: Acknowledge, Aware, Anchor, Align, Alive. In these times of pandemic and social crises, it is now more important than ever to listen to and apply Mary’s insights on self-examination, compassion, and courage in order to move beyond stress, exhaustion, and coping through life. Move towards radical healing through intuitive living in this episode of Support is Sexy.

Elayne Fluker

Elayne Fluker is author of the new book, “Get Over ‘I Got It’: How to Stop Playing Superwoman, Get Support and Remember that Having It All Doesn’t Mean Doing It All Alone.” As host of the SUPPORT IS SEXY podcast, she interviews more than 500 successful women entrepreneurs around the world, who share inspiring, true stories of the ups and the downs of their entrepreneurial journeys. Elayne is also founder of SiS.Academy, an online learning platform for women entrepreneurs. For more information about Elayne Fluker, please visit elaynefluker.com. Thank you for listening!

About our Guest:

Mary Hyatt, host of the Living Fully Alive Podcast, is a life coach and business consultant who helps women wake up, find their voice, and feel fully alive. Her work focuses on identity, community, and showing up authentically. Mary coaches some of the most successful women entrepreneurs in the country, and she also teaches Babe, Redefined, a six-week online course to help women make peace with the mirror and love their bodies.

Insight from this episode:

  • Strategies on listening to your inner wisdom--and trusting it-- in your everyday life.
  • Reflections on the moment that changed Mary’s life and inspired her to fight for her “flicker” and for her life.
  • Reasons why exhaustion and stress are not badges of honor for an entrepreneur.
  • How to move out of survival mode and details on each stage of Mary’s Five Stages of Intuitive Living.

Quotes from the show:

  • On dropping out of college: “I want to be firsthand experiencing what it looks like to create impact in people’s lives, to learn from people who maybe aren’t in a textbook” –Mary Hyatt Support is Sexy Episode #737
  • “When we don’t address what we’re experiencing, what we’re feeling, what we’re going through, and we stuff that, it comes out sideways. It ends up morphing into something else, and oftentimes through physical ailments through our bodies.” –Mary Hyatt Support is Sexy Episode #737
  • “For entrepreneurs, our word for fear is stress… Our drug of choice is achievement.” –Mary Hyatt Support is Sexy Episode #737
  • “In order for us to move beyond this state of burnout and hustle, and lack of fulfillment and joy, we have to meet ourselves with that sacred pause.” –Mary Hyatt Support is Sexy Episode #737
  • “If we want to get to intuitive living, we got to get past all those implicit biases first, so that we can truly connect to the most pure version of our gut.” –Mary Hyatt Support is Sexy Episode #737
  • “It’s about re-aligning to our truth, learning how to make those choices and create the practice around embodying this new sense of ourselves, this truest version of ourselves, over and over again. –Mary Hyatt Support is Sexy Episode #737
  • “I am lovable just because I breathe.” –Mary Hyatt Support is Sexy Episode #737

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