741: Speaking Your Brand Founder Carol Cox Tells How to Become a Thought Leader, Share Your Stories and Disrupt the Status Quo


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In this episode of Support is Sexy, Carol Cox of Speaking Your Brand teaches about having clarity, conviction, and confidence in our voices and stories. You have what it takes to be a thought leader! Learn how to develop your thought leadership platform, evolve your brand during turbulent times, and tap into your storytelling power on this episode of Support is Sexy.

Elayne Fluker

Elayne Fluker is author of the new book, “Get Over ‘I Got It’: How to Stop Playing Superwoman, Get Support and Remember that Having It All Doesn’t Mean Doing It All Alone.” As host of the SUPPORT IS SEXY podcast, she interviews more than 500 successful women entrepreneurs around the world, who share inspiring, true stories of the ups and the downs of their entrepreneurial journeys. Elayne is also founder of SiS.Academy, an online learning platform for women entrepreneurs. For more information about Elayne Fluker, please visit elaynefluker.com. Thank you for listening!

About our Guest:

Carol Cox is Founder and Podcaster of Speaking Your Brand, where she coaches women entrepreneurs to help them gain more visibility, leadership, and influence through public speaking. Her mission is to get more women into positions of influence in order to challenge the status quo and change existing systems. Carol has 15+ years experience as a democratic political analyst.

Insight from this episode:

  • Strategies for those who are just starting their entrepreneurial journey
  • Secrets to creating an efficient framework for your business
  • Differences between thought leaders and content creators, and how you can bring a new perspective to the table
  • Insights into the “IDEAL” ingredients to storytelling and universalizing your story
  • Finding your “VOICE” in thought leadership

Quotes from the show:

  • “If you are values-based and you’re purpose-driven, and you have something that’s really meaningful to you, how are you conveying that to your audience in everything that you do? It’s not just about your words, it’s about your actions that back it up.” –Carol Cox Support is Sexy Ep. #741
  • On storytelling: “We realize we’re not alone in our experiences… For millennia, women haven’t been validated. We haven’t been validated for our experiences, our emotions, our dreams, our goals, our desires… stories create community for us as women.” –Carol Cox Support is Sexy Ep. #741
  • “Sometimes, too, we might dismiss the things that might come easy to us or we enjoy because we might think, doesn’t that come easy to everyone?” –Elayne Fluker Support is Sexy Ep. #741
  • “The story you think you shouldn’t share is probably the one you should.” –Carol Cox Support is Sexy Ep. #741
  • “Your silence and your perfectionism maintain the status quo… and we know that the status was built by white men for white men and the rest of us don’t benefit from it.” –Carol Cox Support is Sexy Ep. #741

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