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In this episode of Support is Sexy, Dr. Zoe Shaw, who is featured in “Get Over ‘I Got it,’” joins Elayne to discuss the “Superwoman Complex” and how to retire your cape. Dr. Zoe shares how she got over her ‘I Got It’ Syndrome, how to avoid overwhelm, and why we need to learn how to accept support. Don’t miss the expert advice on overcoming the shame and guilt of “should” and making real change in our lives in this episode of Support is Sexy.

Elayne Fluker

Elayne Fluker is the author of the new book, “Get Over ‘I Got It’: How to Stop Playing Superwoman, Get Support and Remember that Having It All Doesn’t Mean Doing It All Alone.” As host of the SUPPORT IS SEXY podcast, she interviews more than 500 successful women entrepreneurs around the world, who share inspiring, true stories of the ups and the downs of their entrepreneurial journeys. Elayne is also the founder of SiS.Academy, an online learning platform for women entrepreneurs. For more information about Elayne Fluker, please visit elaynefluker.com. Thank you for listening!

About our Guest:

Dr. Zoe Shaw is a licensed psychotherapist, life coach, and relationship expert. She is a mother of 5, a wife of 25 years, and the host of The Dr. Zoe Show Redefining Your Superwoman Podcast. Dr. Zoe Shaw’s new book A Year of Self-Care: Daily Practices and Inspiration for Caring for Yourself is available now.

Insight from this episode:

  • What is “Superwoman Complex” and why do we need to get over it?
  • Signs you are taking on too much and symptoms of burnout.
  • How to reframe your “failure” and reshape your identity.
  • Strategies to make lasting, positive changes in your life and family.
  • Tips for moms to create balance and practice self-care in 2021.

Quotes from the show:

  • “That whole idea of superwoman started from such a wonderful place. It started from I think the Women's Movement and this idea that we can do it all, and then over the years, it morphed into ‘We are freaking exhausted.’” –Dr. Zoe Shaw Support is Sexy Ep. #773
  • “This idea that we can do it all doesn’t mean we have to do it all in one season. It doesn’t mean that we have to do it all by ourselves.” –Dr. Zoe Shaw Support is Sexy Ep. #773
  • “Our cape has to be healthy, it has to be light, and it has to look like us, not somebody else.” –Dr. Zoe Shaw Support is Sexy Ep. #773
  • “If when you look at your priorities and you figure out I don’t want to be this way anymore, it’s okay to completely shift… It’s okay to change.” –Dr. Zoe Shaw Support is Sexy Ep. #773
  • "It’s easier to make very small changes. You’ll have better reactions from the system, and on top of that you’ll be more likely to follow through… as you make small changes, you will actually be more motivated to make slightly bigger changes.” –Dr. Zoe Shaw Support is Sexy Ep. #773
  • “Showing up authenticity as yourself is the easiest way to mother, and it’s the healthiest way to mother. Hopefully, that takes a little bit of that guilt off of your shoulders, takes some of that burden of having to be perfect off of your shoulders.” –Dr. Zoe Shaw Support is Sexy Ep. #773

Resources Mentioned

A Year of Self Care by Dr. Zoe Shaw


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