774: 7 Days Until the Launch of My Book "Get Over 'I Got It'" (And Why My Anxiety aka Agnes is Trying Me)


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On May 11th my very first book, "Get Over 'I Got It'" (HarperCollins Leadership) will be released into the world. All I can say is EEEEEKKK!! Excited, nervous, anxious, did I say excited? It's all swirling around. But what I refuse to do is let Agnes (which is what I call my anxiety) get the best of me. To hold myself accountable, I'm going to go LIVE every day for the next 7 days until book launch and find AT LEAST ONE amazing thing to share with you about this crazy book launch process. Follow me @elaynefluker on all the socials to catch my live streams. Buckle your seat belts because here we go!

(And by the way: Preorder your copy of my book at getoverigotit.com and you'll get some cool bonuses from me! Or pick up wherever books are sold at any time after May 11th. K, thanks!)

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