790: What it Means to Say F It All and Pursue Your Dreams as an Entrepreneur with Kacie Lett Gordon


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Episode Summary:

In this episode, Kacie Lett Gordon takes Elayne Fluker on how she left corporate and started entrepreneurship. Kacie talks about the steps she took before she took the plunge into entrepreneurship and what it meant for her to leave her corporate job, which had more job security, and launching her business during the pandemic.

About our guest:

Kacie Lett Gordon is the founder of It All Media. She is the host of the Fuck It All (itallpodcast.com) podcast. The podcast explores brave and modern women who redefine what it means to have it all. Kacie is a storyteller, a coach, and an advisor who left her corporate job to do work that excites and makes her happy.

Insights from the Episode:

  • How to define “It All” for yourself and work towards it.
  • Understanding yourself and what you are great at, and what it can do for you.
  • How to find and negotiate flexibility at work using the company benefits and making it work within the organization.
  • Understanding that we can find creative solutions to make our situations work without fear by making arbitrary solutions.

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