Special Episode: How to Pivot Your Career, Master Your Emotional Intelligence and Find Your Peace with Tieko Nejon


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Are you trying to figure out what your work-life looks like post-pandemic? Are you sensing that it may be time for a pivot in your career? Have you been haunted by the question: What’s next?

Then my conversation with corporate trainer, educator and certified emotional intelligence expert Tieko Nejon is for you. Recorded during a live webinar with an incredible group of women in attendance, we discussed pivoting your career and finding your peace and your purpose by understanding your emotional intelligence and the role it plays in your choices. You’ll also learn Tieko’s four Ps of a pivot.

Tieko Nejon’s work focuses on the advancement of human behavior and the dynamics within social constructs. She partners with corporate teams, leaders, entrepreneurs, and change agents to embrace and harvest a people-centric mindset and culture through the personal and collective development of Emotional Intelligence. Her mission is simple: “Build better people.”

As a speaker, Tieko shares ideas of what makes us human and the common thread of emotions that drive our actions. She invites us to reflect on our personal beliefs about ourselves and others, engage our unique capabilities, and to become active advocates for the trajectories of our own professional and personal lives.

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