NWC REPLAY: Molly Asplin


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On the eve of the MYX bike launch, sharing the value of Beachbody’s Total Solution just got a whole lot easier. More tools in your toolbox means more ways to help more customers. Do people in your group mix and match BOD workouts? Is there anybody you’re coaching that is all-in on some elements of Beachbody while ignoring others? On this week’s National Wake Up call, 4-Time Elite Coach Molly Asplin will talk about how she changed the conversation around the ‘Total Solution’ Challenge Pack and helped her business take off. Molly shares how she uses a 4-point conversation script to hone in on what her customers need, creates buy-in by having her new members align with our programs, and recognizes all the tools at her disposal like BODi, MYX, and nutritionals – all while creating a personally tailored plan that helps her people get just what they need from Beachbody’s Total Solution.

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