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This week, I am honored to welcome the amazing Amber McCue to the show. She is a proud and loving mom to three girls, who went from single mother at the age of 18 to owning two thriving companies that she runs from anywhere in the world. We delve into how Amber managed to reach financial freedom and scale her businesses without neglecting one of her core values: family. We also go through Amber's journey of becoming a Modern CEO, her love for creating freer entrepreneurs who have time to enjoy life, and how she managed to triple the size of her business in less than three years. What You Will Learn In This Episode: - Amber's scaling journey and the priorities she established before deciding what kind of business she would build - Growth is positive but it comes with a cost attached to it that we must be ready for - How Amber managed to merge her business vision with the lifestyle she desired for her and her family

- The adjustments of Amber's WHY throughout the years

As we start growing our business, just like when we start developing our muscles at the gym, we feel soreness and it's part of the process. Growing a business means going to places we haven't been before. It's normal to experience uncertainty and fear, but it is our job, as leaders, to paint the vision, streamline our teams’ path, and give them the tools they need along the way.


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