052 Biggest Mistakes Investors Make


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The market has been quite volatile at the time of this recording. We need to learn how to handle these current circumstances because we can't afford to stop living in the midst of this financial uncertainty, when we're experiencing inflation and facing the risk of interest rates rising, among other risks.

In this episode, we talk about the most common mistakes that individual investors - or retail investors - make when investing, which causes them to lose money, to lose their wealth, and sometimes even obliterate their accounts.

Then, I will also give you some strategies that will be part of your game plan, as you go forward in this roller coaster ride of a market to try and keep you a little safer.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What to do before getting into the investing game.
  • How to avoid making investments that don’t move you closer to financial independence.
  • What causes most people to make bad money decisions.
  • The biggest risk in investing in today’s social media world..
  • How to make sure you only make informed investment decisions.
  • Why time matters to your investment choices.
  • Why financial advisors, family and friends can be your worst source of information.

If you want to start improving your money game, I have some free resource to help you out with healing your money stories. Also, they can help you take control for your financial future, and your investing decisions.

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