053 What You MUST Know About Target Date Index Funds


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If you want to optimize your investment strategy, this episode is for you. I'm talking all about Target Date Index Funds, and why, over time, they’re a good option for investment compared to investing just in one single stock. But also what the pitfalls are with them and when the best time to use them is. Remember that the goal is always to protect your assets and portfolio.

For some background, with Target Date Index Funds you invest based on your risk profile and your risk capacity. Then you create an asset allocation and asset diversification profile based on the risk that is appropriate for your situation, and, as time goes by you will look to minimize the risk of losing value of your investments.

Today, our conversation includes:

  • Why a Target Date Index Fund is a good investment over time.
  • How can you achieve the affluent lifestyle that you’re looking for over time.
  • What is a glide path and how you can rebalance your portfolio to avoid losing value.
  • Why having a structured portfolio can increase the value of your investment over time.

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