The Ancient Wisdom Salvage Yard - Episode 16


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First, we spoke to Stephen Branch, a magician and self-described loudmouth and motivator. Stephen discussed his unusual introduction to magick, his evolving occult philosophy, and his involvement in the Domus Kaotica/Marauder Underground. Stephen went on to talk about his new podcast Branch Out, as well as his forays into music and plans for an eventual occult record label. The A.A.O. and the Work of Charis are two occult discussion groups begun by Stephen, intended to foster self-improvement and positive change within occulture. *NOTE: Since the time of this interview, Stephen Branch has announced a hiatus from all social media in order to focus on personal magickal endeavors. For the time being, the Branch Out podcast is offline.

Next up was Achija Branvin Sionnach, a hermetic polytheist, musician, and martial artist hailing from Virginia. Achija talked about his early Christian upbringing, and eventual drift into polytheism. In speaking about what it means to be a "hermetic polytheist", Achija spoke about his devotion to the Morrigan and what that entails. Also discussed were Achija's involvement with Historical European Martial Arts, and his dedication to music. In addition, Achija demonstrated his ability to speak in tongues. Wrapping up the interview, he spoke about his enchanted bookbinding service, SpellBound Bookbinding, as well as a new project, 54 Devils, and put out the call for help from listeners with information about playing card lore. Achija can be contacted at

Before the interviews, I talked about the city node that Roni,Tszura, Stan, Jack, and I set up in Detroit for Chelseanacht 2017 and the subsequent ritual that took place for Operation: Trojan Storm.

Also, if you have a a tale of the uncanny, weird, or terrifying variety, please get in touch if you'd like that tale told on the Halloween show!

As always, check out the show notes for a complete description, including links!

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