The Ancient Wisdom Salvage Yard - Episode 20


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We’re joined this week by Artemis & Helios, the writers behind the brilliant – and hilarious – Heretical Oracles blog. The Divinatory Duo combine Tarot and Astrology for a unique and always thought-provoking view of human interaction, sociology, and world events. Artemis and Helios discussed their respective backgrounds with regard to the occult and how they formed their partnership. They addressed the lunar eclipse that took place on August 8th, as well as the upcoming solar eclipse coming up on August 21st, along with the effects these two events will likely have, Astrologically speaking. Addressing the complexity of Astrology, the Oracles spoke about the best ways for the neophyte to begin exploring the subject, and recommended some resources (see links below). No discussion on Divination and Astrology would be complete without predictions, and the Oracles commented on what we can expect to see with regard to the coming year. In a time of unprecedented polarization and political uncertainty, the future is on the minds of many as we march to meet it, and the Heretical Oracles offered up their road map based on what they see in the stars and cards. Artemis and Helios take the often murky and mysterious subjects of Divination and Astrology and, almost magickally, make them understandable and perhaps more importantly – FUN. In a time where so many see doom and gloom, it’s refreshing to see a more lighthearted approach and thoughtful perspective. The Oracles have signed on as official Court Astrologers to the Ancient Wisdom Salvage Yard, and I look forward to having them pop in from time to time to offer their unique take on events as they unfold in these tumultuous times.

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