The Ancient Wisdom Salvage Yard - Episode 21


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This week, podcaster, occultist, writer, and preternatural investigator Equanimous Rex joined us to discuss his serial fiction podcast The Witch Doctor. I've been a huge fan of the Witch Doctor since it began and I was excited to speak with its creator! Equanimous talked about the motivation behind creating the Witch Doctor and also about the use of fiction as a medium for communicating esoteric knowledge. Equanimous also writes non-fiction for the online magazines Disinfo and Modern Mythology, where he tackles topics like Materialist-Positivism and interviews popular personalities in modern occulture. We touched on other topics like lucid dreaming and the effects pop culture can have on uncanny and paranormal experiences. As usual, we delved into this fascinating fellow's history and learned how Equanimous Rex arrived at this point in his occult career. We played a few sample clips from the Witch Doctor, but I heartily recommend everyone head over to the podcast's website and listen to the story from the beginning! Active links are, as always, in the show notes at

Also in Episode 21's show notes are instructions for using the viral servitor Wingsblood, created during today's eclipse.

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