The Ancient Wisdom Salvage Yard - Episode 29


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In this episode we talk with Jason Luxon on a variety of scientific and occult subjects through the lens of what it's going to take to for Humanity to make the leap from a Type 0 to a Type 1 civilization. As always, Jason presents complicated concepts in concise layman's terms and adeptly dovetails science and magick.

Among the subjects covered are the recent SpaceX launch, cold fusion, quantum computing, teleportation, warp engine technology, and more! Fire up your favorite audio player and prepare yourself for a renewed sense of wonder at not only the marvelous universe in which we exist, but at the reminder of the awe-inspiring achievements Humanity is capable of.

In this time of social upheaval, it can sometimes seem as though we've reached a dead end, but perhaps there are reasons to hope after all. Join Nightgaunt and Jason Luxon on a journey of speculation and wonder and prepare yourself for the future!

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