The Ancient Wisdom Salvage Yard Podcast - Astrology Update Volume II


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Mars, the planet of anger, war, assertion, passion, and separation is about to loom large in all of our lives and Artemis explained what that’s going to mean for us as the Red Planet interacts with other celestial bodies over the next couple of months. It’s going to be a tug-of-war between the tidal forces of Oppression and Liberty. The State will be using every weapon in its arsenal to guide the masses back into line, and it will be a seductive web it weaves. Can we face down what lurks within all of us that makes us want to play Follow-the-Leader and use that Mars energy wisely to forge a new path to the future? Artemis provides us with a detailed breakdown of what to expect and perhaps most importantly – why events are unfolding the way they are. The fires are stoked in a time of transformation and the time is nigh to start asking ourselves if we have it within us to fight for the future.

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