080: How Audiobook Narration Works (with Lillian Rachel)


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This week we're talking audiobook narration with voice-over artist Lillian Rachel.

A native Brit, after 9 transatlantic moves, Lillian is now at home in Washington DC. She discovered the joy of audiobooks while homeschooling 2 children, and has developed her passion for learning into well rounded audio narration career. Connecting with each character in a project, she brings her heart along with a mix of proper British class or east coast attitude to every project.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Lillian got started in voiceover work
  • What she does to keep her voice healthy
  • How she got started in recording audiobooks
  • The growing popularity of audiobooks
  • The types of audiobooks she narrates (fiction, nonfiction)
  • Narrating in character
  • Why should authors make an audiobook version of their work
  • Should authors who want to create audio versions of their books write with audio in mind?
  • Should authors hire narrators or narrate their own books
  • Her production process making an audiobook
  • How long it takes to complete a recording
  • Outtakes and funny recording stories.
  • How an author can find voiceover talent for their audiobook

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